INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Today, on March 31, Head of the Cadastre Committee, Suren Tovmasyan, hosted the experts of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the representative of Armenian office.

Ms. Daniela Di Gianantonio, the Chief Technical Officer of the "Digital Technologies in Support of Agricultural Value Chains and Rural Communities Development" program (TCP/ARM/3903), and Mr. Maxim Gorgan, as well as Vardan Barseghyan, Program Manager of the Armenia Office were present at the meeting.

The project aims to assist the Ministry of Economy in the implementation and operation of the Vineyard Registration System (VRS) by developing the capacity for effective use of the VRS. FAO will also support the development of a mobile application to increase access to digital services for farmers.

Welcoming the project managers and highlighting the continuous and active interaction with other state agencies, the head of the committee, Suren Tovmasyan, expressed his readiness to support any initiative that derives from the interests of the Republic of Armenia and is aimed at the development and prosperity of the country.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the necessary activities to be implemented within the framework of the project, the sequence of joint works, the ways to overcome possible problems and challenges in the future.

Reference was made to the need for spatial data specification, their further management efficiency and updating.

Suren Tovmasyan also presented the current situation of the committee's activity and the reforms, briefly presenting the ongoing international programs and legislative reforms that can contribute to the experts' activities in Armenia.

Both sides agreed to continue and develop mutual cooperation.