Suren Tovmasyan presented the 2023 budget program

Suren Tovmasyan presented the 2023 budget program

On November 1, at the joint sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Economic, Financial-Credit and Budgetary Affairs, Suren Tovmasyan, head of the RA Cadastre Committee, presented the budget plans, presenting details of the budget allocations and plans for 2023.

It is planned to implement the “Implementation of state policy in the field of real estate cadastre management" program, the purpose of which is the development of the unified state real estate cadastre system, the recognition, guarantee and protection of rights to real estate by the state.

In order to develop the field of geodesy and cartography, it is planned to continue the work of creating the cartographic base of settlements in the geographic information system, the plans of the adjusted cadastral districts of communities completely covered by orthophoto plans, the work of observing additional points for the purpose of correcting the cadastral districts of communities and completely correcting the outer borders of the districts.

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